Saturday, November 24, 2012

Phone sex with Penny

So what is a girl to do when a guy tells her she's the best little cocksucker he's ever had?

Well, this girl swallows and says "THANK YOU!"

Sorry I've been away, from my phone sex blog - what can I say, I've been sucking a lot of cock.  I know, all the girls say that - but in my case it's true.  I love getting down on my knees - it's such a subserviant position! But when you get that cock in your mouth, well I'm the one with the power aren't I?

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am ready to make your phone sex fantasy cum true - you see, I'm an anything goes type of girl - and that means I love anything goes phone sex . If you are looking for something kinky or taboo - I am definitely your girl. One of my  favorite role plays are Daddy/Daughter ... nothing seems to get the BF harder than when I crawl into his lap naked and moan Daddy in his ear while he fingers me ... don't you want to be my Daddy?