Monday, December 17, 2012

Cheap phone sex with Penny

I have to tell you - I had the best sex last night ... I always love a good fucking, but what happened last night was so RAW ... my pussy is still aching, in that throbbing, "God I need more of that!" sorta way!  All of you know that I offer the best in gfe phone sex,  well I think part of being a girlfriend is offering up my body for his maximum pleasure whenever he wants it... and one of the reasons I am available for cheap phone sex is because the BF is away so often!

Well last night he came home, and without saying a word threw me on the bed and started pawing at my clothes, not even a kiss! All I could feel was his hard cock throbbing through his pants as he fingered my pussy - getting me wet and ready for him ... he flipped me over... and I could hear him unbuckling his pants, he lifted up my hips and thrust that dick inside me from behind and started fucking me as hard and as deep as he could  I think I was cumming by the 2nd stroke ... which only made him drive into me deeper. We have an open relationship - he knows I fuck other men - but every once in awhile he lets me know who really owns my pussy.

This phone sex slut loves a good hard fucking - and I would love to hear what you would do if I was there with you - begging for your cock ... and remember I want to cum with you!  So give me a call, my pussy is wet just thinking about the things your going to do to me!

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