Saturday, September 15, 2012

Teaser Pleaser

I love to tease - especially if the person I'm teasing is my next door neighbor.  You see, he's one of those button down accountant types - complete with glasses. He's very cute, and very married - and I imagine he's not getting the "lovin'" he needs.  At the very least, I know his wife's pussy isn't anywhere near as tempting as mine.

So yeah, I tease him. On Saturdays, the wife packs up the kiddies and he is stuck at home, doing all the yard work, I always go out on my deck , in my tiniest bikini - one that I'm practically busting out of. I give him a wave and lay out to give him a show... I mean get some sun. It's not long before I  take my top off, and slowly start massaging suntan lotion on my titties. No one wants burned nipples!  Then I let my fingers go down to my pussy ... and slowly finger myself  through my bikini bottom.  His pants practically explode!

I'm waiting for him to come over and help me ...because when I tease - I always please!

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